cyberpunk documentary 1990

just finishing up watching this. soooooooo siiiiiiiick. kind of hokey because of how dated it is but there are many parts that are still relevant. great dialogue and great visuals, oh man tim leary and william gibson too. can't beat that. here's the complete doc below!

benny and the jets -- beastie boys and biz markie

i try not to put too much lulzy stuff on here cuz its not a humor blog but i'm going to have to say that this cover cracks me up every time and its a great performance too. i used to think it was a blatant mockery of elton john but i've seen other performances where biz markie enunciates all the lyrics correctly so i think this is a song he genuinely loves. if you haven't heard this before, hope you like it. if you know the jam, you know whats up. either way, its a good kickback tokable song to me.


ohyesiloveher -- leanmeansteen

ohyesiloveher<3<3<3 by leanmeansteen
here's a new song i finished today for my girlfriend. pretty fun track. don't really know to describe it except to call it raggatech bootybreak love jam. if that sounds like the kind of song you'd be into you'll like this.

aerodynamics for psychonauts -- mars 1

...every one of us when we go into the psychedelic state, this is what we should be looking for. It's not for your elucidation, it's not part of your self-directed psychotherapy. You are an explorer, and you represent our species, and the greatest good you can do, is to bring back a new idea, because our world is in danger by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because of the absence of consciousness. And so to whatever degree any one of us, can bring back a small piece of the picture and contribute it to the building to the new paradigm, then we participate in the redemption of the human spirit, and that after all it what it's really all about. - terence mckenna

corona -- minutemen

watched the minutemen documentary today called "we jam econo" with my homie. it was cool seeing how they grew up and how they started everything and of course lots of awesome performance footage. this video itself was not sourced from the doc, but this performance was in it. to the dismay of some minutemen fans, this song is known as the king of the hill song to most, but everyone i personally know loves both the minutemen and king of the hill so enjoy. rip d. boon


tall painting

here's a cinematic time lapse by dave kaufman of a painting by holton rower
seen it at http://journeymansblog.blogspot.com/

peckham dub -- skinshape

some ruff tuff reggae dub sounds from mister skinshape ughhhhhhhhhhh!

Peckham Dub by Skinshape

beings of the vegetation -- pablo amaringo

"In the silence, in the darkness, swept away by these alien alkaloids and the plant-mind behind them, you find out a truth that can barely be told. And most of it cant be told." - terence mckenna

smack my bitch up -- beatles vs the prodigy

beatles, check. the prodigy, check. sit back and enjoy before youtube takes it down
seen it on http://undergroundcontainer.blogspot.com/


gal-o sengen -- policemen

japanese hip hop fast break raps over gyaruo dragonball z animated violence, gambling, partying, and eating shroomz spritzed with lime

wanderland -- hermanos inglesos feat. meme

this music video is great. it starts off with a cute bird that eats some wild berries and it starts trippin balls and goes off on an adventure. the track is really cool too. not too hard and electro, and not so laid back that its r'n'b, its juuuuuust right. real good house groove

alien ascension -- martina hoffman

"Right here and now, one quanta away, there is raging a universe of active intelligence that is transhuman, hyperdimensional, and extremely alien... What is driving religious feeling today is a wish for contact with this other universe."
— Terence McKenna


rolling in the deep -- adele [leanmeansteen remix]

rolling in the deep_adele [leanmeansteen remix] by leanmeansteen
just finished this song! i've been working on it for 2 weeks now. adele has some great soulful vocals and i've been on an electro reggae wave so here's what happened. hope you like it. if you have a soundcloud account hit me up so i can hear your stuff too.

black sabbath -- venetian snares

now thats what i'm talking about. dubbified black sabbath. soooooooooooo heavy and tripped out. track is by aaron funk performing as 'venetian snares.' the lack of a heavy handed beat lands this in the dub category instead of dubstep and gets a super big devil horns up from me

found it on http://dubmixt.blogspot.com/

glow -- butterfly crash

its been awhile since i've heard some dubstep i could get into. i like this, really chill, doesn't go super chainsaw bassy and the video is amazing. i guess the video was made with a video game called 'the polynomial.' i gotta check that out too

found this on http://electricaddict.blogspot.com

history of house music pt1

part 1 of 15 in an excellent excellent bbc documentary. part 1 covers 70s disco to paradise garage in new york

melodivia -- dollar mambo

i love everything that artist 'dollar mambo' comes out with. this track has that rare groove, dub, ethno funk that's reminiscent of one of my other favorite producers 'mumbles.' if you loved the instrumentals for aceyalone's 'book of human language' then you'll love this. highly recomended!!!

MELODIVIA (on forthcoming album by Nice Try rec.) by Dollar Mambo

aliens: information dimension

my favorite 20th century philosopher hands down is terrance mckenna. alien talk might turn a lot of people off but the point he makes i feel is more about an existing dimension of information which beings communicate through. it sounds a lot like the interweb, cosmic interwebs!

solar storms going down

dang. pretty much inevitable that shit is going to go down. better break out the pencils, watercolors, and grandpas guitars cause photoshop and synthesizers might not work anymore...

From The Guardian:

The threat of solar storms that could wreak havoc on the world’s electronic systems must be taken more seriously, the UK government’s chief scientist has warned. A severe solar storm could damage satellites and power grids around the world, he said, leading to a “global Katrina” costing the world’s economies as much as $2tn (£1.2tn).

“This issue of space weather has got to be taken seriously,” said John Beddington, the UK government’s chief scientific adviser, speaking at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Washington DC. “We’ve had a relatively quiet [period] in space weather and we can expect that quiet period to end. Over the same time, over that period, the potential vulnerability of our systems has increased dramatically. Whether it’s the smart grid in our electricity systems or the ubiquitous use of GPS in just about everything these days.”

Our electrical grid is completely vulnerable. None of the major transformers are contained in Faraday cages ready to be sealed off in the case of a coronal mass ejection. If these transformers short out, we are screwed. It could take years to replace them all, and by that time half the population could be dead of starvation, conflict, and disease. Without electricity, how can you pump the gas to get the trucks and mechanics to replace the transformers?

Security is the foundation of everything else. No electrical grid means no water or gas, no water or gas means no food, no food means people need to find food however they can, which means no security. No security means that repairing any given piece of machinery automatically becomes 10-100X harder. A limited security infrastructure could be bootstrapped from the military, but it’s more likely that soldiers will defect and join their families, which will need to be protected on the local level.

On Valentine’s Day there was a class-X solar flare, the most powerful in four years. The sun is ramping up to its next solar maximum, due to hit in 2013.

During the Carrington event in 1856, the solar storm was so powerful that intense auroras lit up in the night sky in the Rocky Mountains and gold miners awoke prematurely because they thought it was morning.



greensleeves by otomatone trio

love otomatones!

radar man -- jun togawa

super sick performance by jun togawa that mustve been some time in the 80s. i just found out about her from ce sentiment. really rad performance

brave new world -- aldous huxley

siiiiiiiick. brave new world was always one of my favorite sci fi books. how about the audio version narrated by mr. huxley himself!? get it at swen's weblog.

transmission -- joy division (playmobil)

sooooooooo good!

seeker seeker -- leanmeansteen

seeker seeker by leanmeansteen
another new jam. some funky dark house with shuffle syncopated saw waves.

tricky two -- royksopp

new royksopp official video. pretty sweet 50's sci fi/horror movie themes going on and instrumental is top notch.


Takeshi Mura

here's a sweet clip from artist takeshi mura's film "melter 02"

sunshine raggatech -- leanmeansteen

sunshine raggatech by leanmeansteen

big tune i've been working on and having a lot of fun w/ lately. reggae afrobeat/broken beat style rendered with tech house sensibilities. funtimes whether the sun is up or down