come as you are -- little roy

little roy is coming out w/ a tribute album to nirvana called "battle for seattle." it's going to be dope and this song is the jam. i've also been hearing his version of "on a plain" being played on the radio. can't wait till it comes out in september!


aftermath: population zero

i haven't watched the whole thing yet but it looks like a lot of fun. i lovez the sci fi pseudo documentaries!

electronic bedroom eyes -- bubusubaru

time for some more darkfreakfunksciflyhiphop instrumentals


stoned ape theory -- duncan trussell

yay, short animation of terence mckenna's "stoned ape theory," from one of my favorite comedians, duncan trussell.

terry gilliam's do it yourself animation show

if you know lickingyourmindseye, you know i love art-education-do-it-yourself stuff. terry gilliam from monty python!!! has an animation show and this clip is all about cut out animation (yesss!!!) i love it because these lo fi animation techniques translate perfectly into doing gifs in photoshop.