techyes -- bubu subaru

a part of long set of songs i did 2-3 years ago while channeling a cosmic being named bubu subaru. OLD PEOPLE LIKE TO LISTEN TO TECHNO / BUT THIS DISCO DEATH TECHYES


drone II -- datdatdat

a moving collage by studio datdatdat...so pretty


qatar revealed as the world’s biggest contemporary art buyer

Sheikha Al Mayassa at the opening of Takashi Murakami’s exhibition at Versailles in 2010

i thought this art article was interesting. i'm not so surprised because definitely in the past 10 years the eastern hemisphere has been enjoying the largest scale architectural projects, with hotels, business buildings, museums and cultural centers going up. they have to fill the museums up with something. i might have to put "visit qatar" on my travel to-do list one day.

if you are familiar with modern art names, you might enjoy seeing the short list of what they have been acquiring and at what prices. full article here

screamin' jay hawkins : i put a spell on you (jeremy sole's zombie stomp remix) -- jeremy sole

ok, heard this on the radio yesterday and it totally blew me and my friend away. i hope you enjoy it too.


31spring -- leanmeansteen

here's another mpc instrumental i got lined up for the pixar/zardoz project im collaborating w/ my friends on. my best friend joey from the band rumspringa will be singing on this one. we haven't really come up w/ lyrics yet though. the subject could be about anything. maybe a topic sentence, or a one line lyric. leave your suggestions. we'll give you a shout out o the song for sure!

p.s. that rumspringa video is pretty old, and members have changed, but it's their most popular vid and the lead singer is still the same

cave 2 -- kahn & selesnick

from the project "Mars : adrift on the hourglass sea"

"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere." - Carl Sagan

the human animal - the human zoo

this is part three of a series called "the human animal." this episode called "the human zoo" follows the consequences of industrial and technological urbanization but us as humans still retaining tribal social notions. "The cameras of the Natural History Unit capture the subtleties of human hierarchy in an English pub, the urge to set up and defend territory in a Tokyo park, and tribal behaviour as displayed by gangs in Los Angeles." it's a super fun watch. you get to see people and different living conditions all across the globe from the comfort of your computer screen


let you go (official vid) -- marble players

this has to be the best music video i've seen all month. maybe i just love virtual reality/electronic avatars and house music. I LOVE FUNKY DEEP HOUSE! the feeling, the graphic and everything is just right! my anthem for this upcoming weekend for sure. enjoy!!!

directed by jerome potter (lolboys)http://www.hot-tropic.com

sure shot -- beastie boys sesame street edit

good sesame street edit of one of my favorite bboy jams of all time yo!

cigarette duo -- princess chelsea

came across this song today and i dig it. i was stoked to find out she's from new zealand too (not for any specific reason, i just always liked to imagine new zealand is like california but out in the middle of the ocean). its a really laid back, almost old fashiony duet. kinda loungy, reverb on the vocals. i guess she calls her style "dream pop?" if you've been listening to hard/fast stuff all day long and you want a change of pace and even want to undwind, take a gander at this.


17newbass -- leanmeansteen

more work from my mpc. more dancey than the last one i posted. one of my friends said this was almost moombahton. ya, it almost is, except it's not a remix.

mauritian sunset 2006 -- sandy smith

soooo dope. i want to do art installations like this. pretty cool that the colors are the same as my logo too. more of sandy's work here http://www.sandysmith.co.uk/index.html


11CHISM -- leanmeansteen

another chilled out westcoast tune by me. i just played the mpc2500 straight into the tape deck. it's an instrumental for an upcoming project i have called "pixar/zardoz."

imagining the tenth dimension

if you are like me, you've already seen "carl sagan explains the 4th dimension." i love that video, carl's like a mr. rogers of science. it's pretty chill and you can even watch it under the influence. so, in the pursuit of knowledge, here is the next step, which not only goes to the 5th dimension, but beyond that all the way to the tenth. depending on how your minds ability to cognize concepts, you might want to watch this sober, or w/ a boost. lol. either way, some minds are gonna implode!!!


04HLUV -- leanmeansteen

some funky tunage by way of mpc2500 by me

killian eng

more killian @ http://www.behance.net/KilianEng

the mindscape of alan moore

the writer/creator/shaman alan moore tells about his upbringing, social climate that inspired him to write watchmen and v for vendetta, thoughts on the future, and what it means to be an artist/shaman. hiiiiiiiiiiighly highly recommended especially you friends that enjoy terence mckenna.